A Monumental Moment

I have been toying for a while with the idea of writing a blog.

I just can’t figure out why I should—that is to say, what qualifies me to assume that other people would be interested in my life. But then, is anybody really “qualified” to launch their thoughts into cyberspace? I decided I’m equally as unqualified as the rest of the experts out there, so I’m just going to plunge right into the topics I know best (like my business), the ones on which I am an undisputed authority (i.e. the layout of Nordstrom’s, the winning strategy for making the most of a shoe sale), and the ones I am still figuring out (faith, motherhood…all the stuff that really matters). Perhaps all at once. Who knows?

Just before the holidays, I was invited to a luncheon to discuss a new film. I really didn’t know what to expect as I entered the conference room. There were about 30 people present. Some were my competitors in the Christian marketplace, some were previous clients, others were filmmakers, and still others were CEOs and businessmen as well as ministry people.

In over two decades that I’ve been in the publicity business, I’ve met and worked with all kinds of people. Many of the names would be instantly recognizable to you. Still, as I approached the table, I couldn’t suppress the fleeting thought…what am I doing there?

It turned out to be a great meeting and hopefully, the direct result will be a successful fundraising strategy that will bring an incredible film into existence.

On a personal note, this meeting provided me with one of the most validating moments I’ve experienced lately concerning my professional expertise and the business I have specialized in for 21 years…traditional publicity. Since this is my first blog post, I think it’s appropriate to start with this story.

The luncheon participants were brainstorming the best ways to raise the funds needed to produce the film. Many ideas were tossed around, but everyone seemed to return to the same theme– new media promotions reaching people through the internet, the way Obama did through his election campaign. A question about the best way to go about doing this was directed to the former owner and CEO of Godtube, who, as it turned out, happened to be sitting right next to me (I didn’t know that!). His response was monumental, at least for me. He stated that all the ideas being thrown out on the table about new media promotions would not work without traditional publicity. He really did say new media promotions would not work without traditional publicity.

I wanted to jump up and shout! AMEN Brother!

Traditional publicity (print articles, radio interviews, TV interviews and mentions),he went on to elaborate, is what drives all the cool new media promotions. Meaning: traditional and new media campaigns are better together.

People tend to forget that. We still look for the quick fix or the next best thing. In fact, we have progressed so far in our pursuit of new ways that we begin to assume that everything traditional should be replaced altogether, whether or not the method has become “traditional” because it…works. We must certainly find ways to do it cheaper, faster or better yet, at no cost whatsoever. But the truth is, most of the time your dad was right. You really can’t get something for nothing. When will we learn that there is no quick fix? The internet may provide a quick answer to the person who is already seeking a product, but it’s not going to give a quick sale for a book or a film. Something else has to introduce people to the new book, film, or whatever and pique their interest in the first place. And that “something” is usually traditional publicity!


3 thoughts on “A Monumental Moment

  1. Same old feelings that jump up, but the Lord is slowly working through them and showing you that He has giving you the ability and the ideas and because they are His they work. How exciting to see Him continue to work in your life.

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