How Could I Miss That?

Psalm 51 has always been a special passage to me.  The words in it have resonated with my heart since 1985 when my sister showed it to me:


“Against Thee and Thee only have I sinned and done what is evil in Thy sight …”


It was a very dark time of my life, and these words hit me square in the face, like a slap. 


The psalmist continues, “Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit in me…”


I held on to this Scripture for a very long time. Every time I thought about it, I could feel the very presence of God. But there was a very important phrase in this Psalm that completely escaped my notice.


The other day my youngest daughter was reading this passage aloud from my new bible app off my iphone.  As she read, I nearly ran off the road (I was driving us to Dallas for a day of Christmas shopping…and ironically enough, this was one of the rare instances when I was not iphoning while driving).  I made her stop and read this part again:


“ Make my heart to hear joy and gladness.”


I don’t recall ever “hearing” that part before. 


I struggle with depression this time of year.  Winter is…ugh. I’m definitely a beach person, not a snowy mountain person. The gloomy days, the cold and wet weather, the halt after the Christmas rush.  All these things converge this time of year, and it seems to suck the joy right out of life.


And so stumbling across this verse was like a flipping a light on, or perhaps receiving  another slap in the face!  Make me to HEAR Joy and Gladness.  God can MAKE me HEAR it!  I thought I had to experience it.  I thought I had to make sure I was thinking positively and hearing the joy.  But it’s His doing!  I just need to listen! 


So God…in these days when all the news is dismal, when tough things happen with my family, when I worry about the economy and how it will affect my business and the employees I love, when I don’t want to get out of bed….I will listen…


Make me to HEAR Joy and Gladness.


2 thoughts on “How Could I Miss That?

  1. While reading the passage you spoke about in Psalms, my cross-reference Bible led me to Isaiah. To me, Isaiah is a pretty gloomy guy, but here is a chapter full of hope and where joy and gladness has been found!

    Is. 35:10 “..And the ransomed of the Lord will return, and come with joytful shouting to Zion, with everlasting joy upon their heads, they will find gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”

    A very comforting read for the dark days of January and February.

  2. Hi, Tina. My day job kept me from looking at your new blog until now. Bravo! Love the frame – muted yet colorful. (I am reminded of the UPS slogan: “See what brown can do for you!”) And I’m NOT just saying that to talk you in off your mid-winter window ledge. I find this exchange about joy engrossing, and the message resonant, though I come at it from a non-biblical perspective, as you know. We agree on the presence of joy and are both fortunate to be recipients. I guess the only difference is, you are certain who our benefactor is. I just keep listening, gratefully.

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