National Religious Broadcasters, check out these shoes

(note: this post waited in draft form forever before it was finally published on my blog. Let’s just pretend you’re reading this last week…)

I went to The National Religious Broadcasters convention last weekend in Nashville. I flew in Friday to speak at a seminar for Women in Christian Media. The seminar was about “How to Get Your Book Published.” My contribution was talking about marketing and publicity. It was fun! I really should do more of these because I enjoy meeting new authors.

My feet hurt. I have band aids on my toes because of the blisters. I know, I know…you’re right. I should wear sensible flats to an event like this. But I can’t. I have the shoe fetish, and I feel more like Tina in my high heels and new shoes. I also don’t wear hose. So I suffer. Call it the price of vanity. I suppose if the success of a convention could be measured by the number of blisters on toes or how bad your feet hurt, then I would have to say I score a 10 every time.

Foot fetish aside, it was a good convention. I had not been to NRB for a couple of years, and it was great to connect with old friends. I had some great meetings, and I think we will get some new business. While I never forget that bringing in new projects is the goal, I always have more fun focusing on the new relationships and seeing old friends. That’s what business is about anyway. Oh…the weather was so nice…wish I could have enjoyed it more.

 **update: Almost two weeks have passed since I was in Nashville, and the weather here at home has been consistently chilly for several days. Boo.


One thought on “National Religious Broadcasters, check out these shoes

  1. Sorry I missed you at the NRB. My wife also commented to me that she missed you and your exhibit team. We co-hosted the International Reception for our client and cause, Overseas Students Mission. We try to be there every year and I am looking for my ministry clients, projects and missions causes to help.

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