An Emotional Day

I am, apparently, not very good at being diligent to post.  I’m still too new to know what to write!


Yesterday was one of the most emotional days that I can recall.  A new baby was born in my family. My oldest child—at 20 years old—departed  for Africa  all by herself ( I was just beginning to process these events when we received word of a tragic motorcycle accident that had, only minutes before, killed three people from our little community, including a woman who attended our church.  On top of that, a day earlier my dad had the heart catheter test to see if his arteries were blocked (good news, they’re fine).


This morning, as I boarded a flight to Denver to attend the ICRS book convention, I found myself wondering how to deal with all of this.  It’s all bittersweet. 


The new baby, my grand nephew, was placed in a loving family through an open adoption.  This has been the plan for many months, and our family has run the gamut of emotions about this day.  And still we cry, laugh and hug each other.  Hopefully, I will make it to Tulsa this week to see him and hug my niece and my sister.


My daughter is flying by HERSELF to a third world country.  She left her wallet but had her passport with her. She did not, however, have the credit card that she needed for a hotel stay over in Frankfurt (we discovered on the way to the airport that the “2 hour layover” we were expecting was actually a 26 hour layover!).  We settled that, but now I find myself worrying about her making the next leg of her flight and getting to Ghana the day after the President has been there.  I didn’t’ sleep very well last night. Too many dreams about some sordid guy name Gunter in Frankfurt stalking my daughter!  I am sure she will be ok, and I do trust that God has her in the palm of His hand.  But I have to admit, my stomach will feel much better once I know she has arrived.


And then there was the accident. As soon as we arrived back in Corsicana after dropping Abbie at the airport, we went over to visit with Mike, whose wife was killed that morning.  The day had begun like any other. There was a charity motorcycle ride to raise money for the high school drill team. Leslie had been riding on the back of a motorcycle that her dad was driving.  It was something that they liked to do together.  Their lives were snuffed out in an instant when a pickup truck hit them.  I know Mike from church.  He plays the drums, and I sing in the worship team (there are only two singers, but we decided we can still call ourselves a “team”). What do you say to this guy who, at age 34, just lost his wife and his father-in-law in one morning?  What do you say to his 10-year-old son?  How do I guide my children, who had Leslie as a teacher and who taught her son in Awana?


New life, a major passage, and death all in one day.  Is it too much to fathom?


God’s word tells us that He will not give us more than we can handle.  I believe that.  I can only lean on His sovereignty especially when it doesn’t make sense.  I can only lean on His grace when I can’t see clearly.  I can only lean on His love when I want to fight back. 


Father, be with my family. Comfort them.  Guide Abbie and give her safe travel…but most of all let her seek your face and follow you.  Abba, please, please bring comfort to Mike and Dalton as they miss their wife and mother.  Help me to love and to be Jesus to all these people.   It’s all I know to ask today.



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