Customer Service (or, Another Reason to Love Nordstrom)

I love Nordstrom.  I got a call the other day from the customer service director (although I’m not sure that’s her official title) at Nordstrom.  Apparently, because I am a frequent shopper, they had assigned me a Nordstrom employee who is like a personal shopper or helper, should I choose to accept that service.  This all sounded cool, and it didn’t cost me anything, so I was game.


I really don’t spend that much at Nordstrom, although, next to Pay Less, it is my preferred store for shoes.  Ok, and when I go to Northpark, I rarely venture out into the rest of the mall because, really, what could those places possibly offer me that I couldn’t find at my (beloved) Nordstrom?  I even get my tummy full, because the Bistro has the BEST food (unless the kids are with me, in which case I’m stuck with teenager food).


Unsure of what I was getting into, I made an appointment with my lady, Nancy.  When I showed up, both Nancy and I realized that we had met and that she had helped me before when I was just a normal customer shopping in the store. 


Just my luck, the yearly sale was going on (I was not aware!) and Nancy took me into a back room.  It felt a little like my jaunts on Canal Street in New York (oh, I haven’t written about those yet!).  There were clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewelry, belts, you name it– anything that I needed (that is, wanted) to purchase was displayed on tables and hanging on the curtained walls.  I went through and picked out what I wished to “try on” and Nancy went and retrieved my size.  I could really get used to this.  Instead of having to visit each department, the best of Nordstrom was right there at my fingertips.


 I tried on a few things, and I bought a couple of shirts and some undies—all at half price (ha!).  I found a great new watch. And yes, I bought one pair of Sam Edleman shoes. He has become my favorite shoe guy, and my daughters steal these shoes from me, so I guess he is theirs, too (it’s nice to see I’m having such a profound effect on their life choices).  It was a great sale.


Nancy then introduced me Debbie, the lady who initiated this great service for me. Debbie explained to me that Nancy is my gal and that whenever I needed anything, even if it is just something small and insignificant, I am to call her and she will get it together for me.  I am liking the sound of this! I live an hour from the mall, and I rarely have the time or the patience to shop like I used to. Now I can call ahead, show up, and pick up what I need.  I hope.  And it doesn’t cost me anything extra.


I have always heard that Nordstrom had great customer service.  Obviously, I’ve always enjoyed shopping there. Let’s just say they just took my loyalty as a Nordstrom’s customer up a notch.

Sure, this personal attention and great service is good business. But it’s also a show of thoughtfulness, of appreciation for the contribution someone has made—in this case, the financial contribution.


What can I do to show the people in my life that I appreciate them, whether they are my customers at work, my friends, or my family? 




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