Do I have to admit how many pairs of shoes I have in my closet?  My friends call me Imelda.  Do you remember her? I assume they’re referring to her boundless shoe collection and not, you know, the whole “dictator of the Philippines” part…


I love shoes.  I love all kinds of shoes.  I love very high heels but lately, as I come close to 50, I am getting to a point where I can’t wear them very long.  Is surgery in my future? I suppose I could just stop wearing high heels altogether…no, I think I’ll opt for the surgery.


I love colorful shoes, but I end up with a lot of black and variations of black shoes in my closet.  I have a pair of pumps that remind me of a Dalmatian dog. They’re white with black spots.  I have two pair of green shoes, several pair of red shoes, and 3 pairs of yellow shoes (yellow has been the latest trend). 

I love my sandals. And, of course, I couldn’t do summer without my flip flops (formerly known in my teen days as thongs). 


I LOVE boots but seldom wear the 5 pairs that I have because it doesn’t get cold enough in Texas these days.  And they are difficult to travel with.  I never wear them when I am traveling through an airport, even in the dead of winter. Have you ever been behind someone at security who is taking off their boots? It takes forever!  And trying to pack them in the limited luggage we can carry on these days…it’s almost impossible.  Perhaps the next trend will be boots that are retractable and easy to pack, like those collapsible cups people take on camping trips (so I’ve heard). I would take those in black and brown…and maybe in red…


I do own a few pairs of what I call ugly shoes–you know, the really comfortable ones that are supposed to be good for your feet.  I don’t’ wear them very often (see above: surgery).


My shoes are one of my signatures.  I can’t help it.  They can make a statement about the way I feel on a particular day or they can just MAKE the outfit.


Ok, here goes: I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 pairs of shoes.  It’s probably more than that. I lost count this morning.


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