My new favorite “office”

I rediscovered a way to work today.  I have been outside on my back porch since 1 pm working on my computer and making phone calls.  It’s now 7:30 pm. (note:  I need to remove the wind chimes and put the dogs in the house when I am on the phone!)

I worked from home today because I had to. We were having a new type of insulation (Icynene) put into our attic to reduce our electric bill by 50% (hope that works.)  I was nominated to be the one to stay home since my daughter was going on a church youth outing to Hawaiian Falls and my husband couldn’t be away from his office.

Since I haven’t done this since last summer, I forgot how much I really get done.  And how much I really enjoy it.

It’s 100 degrees outside today…and yes, it was enjoyable.  It doesn’t hurt that we have a pool.  Here’s my usual routine. First, I set up the computer and my books on the table on the porch.  We always have a breeze so that is nice.  Then I go and dip in the pool (where else can you wear a bathing suit to work?) and spend about 15 minutes floating around reading a book we are working on.  Today’s choices were Let God Change Your Life by Greg Laurie (David C Cook publishers) and an upcoming Barbour Publishing book, A Place to Belong, by Lisa Troyer.  After my float, I sit at the table and thanks to my soak in the pool and the breeze, I am quite comfortable.  When I start feeling hot, I go float again for another 15 minutes and read.

Actually, it’s not that I feel simply comfortable. It’s more than that. I am really energized, and the words seem to be flowing out of me as I write proposals and creative briefs.

I may be on to something here.  What will I do when the fall months approach? I wonder if I can duplicate this feeling in a tanning booth…

I do know one thing….I will have a killer tan!


One thought on “My new favorite “office”

  1. I have had a similar experience as well on our patio! In fact, Mike and I have our times with the Lord outside on the patio. That’s a nice time to have energy too. Mike is studying right now on the patio for a test he will take next week after his 3rd interview with AGIA went ever so well today!

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