Trying this again


I went back to school last fall.  I am attending Dallas Baptist University and working on a Masters of Arts in Communications. In all my classes we talk about social media and how it has changed the entire field of communications.  I didn’t have to go to school to learn that. But every week I am reminded again that I fail miserably when it comes to blogging. I tell my clients that they should blog.  I tell my clients that they should be on Twitter.  ( not to mention FaceBook, Pinterest, Linked In, etc.) I am guilty of “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Of course, I INTEND to do better this go around.  I guess it remains to be seen.

I thought about changing my blog name this morning, to start over fresh.  So I looked up the synonyms for Exposure: Contact, Experience, Introduction, Acquaintance, Revelation, Disclosure, Publicity and Coverage. These words explain me.  They explain what I do. So I thought, why change a good thing.

I have been recently reminded, through changes going on in my business and my personal life, that what I am good at is meeting people, making introductions, spending time with friends and acquaintances   In the business world it’s called networking but that can sound so self-serving and cold. I prefer to just make friends. If God wants to grant us a way to work together, then so be it.

So here I am again, about to embark on this adventure called blogging.  Let’s see if I can add anything of worth to the blogoshpere. My suspicion is probably not. There are those who say it, write and think it much better than I do.  But then, maybe I can pass on their words of wisdom more than mine.


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