Skype Interviews and Virtual Assistant

Photo during Skype interview

I was interviewed a few months ago for an article about Virtual Assistants. The photographer for the magazine, who was also the journalist, took my picture from our Skype interview instead of using a stock photo of me that I sent to him. Not a flattering picture at all but then…a new way to do an interview and a photo op! Gonna suggest this for some of our clients.

If you are in need of an assistant but not full-time, I suggest you check out a VA. They are wonderful. Mine is a professional par excellence! Her name is Lynn and you can check out her services at . A VA can save you time, and that will save you money. They take care of your calendar, your emails, your travel reservations and details. They can also do so much more such as research which can save you tons of time so you can do other important things.

And when funds are low, you have the choice of not using their services. Unfortunately that is where I am and I miss mine everyday. Hope the economy turns around soon so I can hire her back.

Here’s the link to the article which tells you much more:


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