Nothing to Say

The reason I hesitate to blog is that I don’t always have something to say. I find myself stumped this week. Not because there is not a lot of things to talk about: the upcoming presidential election, hurricane Sandy, another huge change in publishing with Random House and Penguin under the same roof, my communications class crisis research paper on Lance Armstrong…the list could go on.

There are political pundits that can talk incessantly about the presidential race. So what would I have to offer? The people in New Jersey, New York and PA will be the ones to report about the hurricane. After being in one or two when I was little, I can just say that it is not fun. And as for publishing, this is another big change that continues to turn the world of books up-side-down and we need to be ready for the change. I could say a lot about Lance Armstrong but would rather not.

There’s a story in the bible about Peter when he was with Jesus during the Transfiguration. In Mark 9 it shows Peter making some absurd (probably) statement because it says in verse 6 “For he did not know what to say, for they were terrified.”

Isn’t that like us? We don’t always know what to say or we are afraid, so we say something absurd or stupid or just plain irrelevant. I can think of many times I have done all of these. And I will probably do it again, even in this blog. But I hope not today…


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