Constantly Evolving

I have been in Colorado this week meeting with clients and potential clients. It’s been a beautiful few days and I am glad that there is no snow on the ground,

Meeting with my friend, Mike, I asked him how things were going. “Constantly evolving” he replied.  I whipped out my notebook and wrote that down (because my brain has filled up its entire RAM and my phone was about dead) and told him I was going to steal that for my post this week. Thanks Mike.

In my classes that I am taking for my masters program, we are constantly talking about the changes that have flooded the field of communications. In my history class last semester we look at the turn of the last century. From about 1850 to 1920, there were tons of new technologies occurring that change the way people got things done. Photography transformed newspapers as well as artist. The telegraph made the world smaller and people were able to get news in less time (a week instead of months). Trains, telephones, and many other inventions altered the way people went about doing business. All these things affected businesses and many people lost their jobs. As it turned out, those businesses that embraced the changes and thought differently were the ones who succeeded.

The same thing is happening today. The big difference is that instead of having 70 years to embrace the changes its 5 years or less for new technologies to completely change our lives. Cell phones to Smart Phones with texting instead of talking. Blogging to 140 character messages on online social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest. Books and music delivered through digital technologies (mp3 players instead of CDs or albums). The many ways we formerly communicated, from writing letters to talking on the phone, has become passé. This has all had a very big impact on businesses worldwide including my small little company.

Because of shrinking budgets, companies merging, e-books and less donations for non-profits, B&B has just recently felt the consequences of a bad economy. It all seems to equate to the fact that there is less work and more competition for outsourcing. While I could look at this in a negative light, I have decided, instead, to move forward and evolve with the changing times (yes Bob Dylan is playing in my head). We are rearranging what we do, how we do it and who we do it with. Communication, messaging and the right strategy for our clients is critical these days. Adding social media publicity to our services with a dedicated social media communications specialist is a “must” even when we don’t understand or know everything about it. Like everyone else, we will learn it as we go along because social media, at this moment in time, is the cause of the constant evolving life we are living. We will adapt and change or we will close our doors and go home. I am not ready to close the doors yet!

Perhaps, constant evolving is how we always live, but being creatures of habit, we sure do resist change. Where are you? Are you seeing constant change? Are you in a period of evolving? Tell me about it. Let’s learn together.


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