ADD ice creamI realized something this week, or maybe you can say that I will admit to something…I think I have ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. I hate these labels and I think they are overused. Besides, everyone has something or some things (or someone!) that they have to learn to overcome in their lives.

Being back in full swing at work after the holidays, in my new home office, it occurred to me at the end of the day on Monday that I am really ADD. Here’s why I think that, this is a picture of my desk:

Yes my desk always looks this way!

Yes my desk always looks this way!

I have a computer screen and a laptop screen to split my work on. I also utilize my iPad for my scheduling as well as other things. At any given moment I will have several Word documents opened, several searches going on any one of the 3 internet browsers I use, several excel docs opened, and two instant messaging apps running.

I start working on a project, whether it’s some research for a new proposal or writing a letter, and then the email pops up or the phone rings and I go to answer it, getting totally distracted from what I was doing. So then, I start another project. Sometimes I am talking on the phone, instant messaging and emailing at the same time…while trying to still work on that proposal that needs to get finished.  And I haven’t even begun to tell you about my “to-do” system(s)!

I doubt any one can relate…but somehow I manage to get it all done. It may not be as efficient as I would like but, it gets done none the less.

What about you? What’s you daily struggle?

PS. Yeah I know, the plant in the back ground needs water…and yes my desk is always this messy.


4 thoughts on “ADD….really?!!

  1. It’s ‘Give a Mouse a Cookie Syndrome’ and I do have it. First things first…turn off the instant message!! 🙂 As for the rest, I have no answer but if it works, great!

  2. Hi Tina – Yes, I know all of these quirks of yours so well! Throw in there texting the kids while on the phone too-haha! I don’t know that you’re truly ADD because you DO get things done and usually on time :). You make yourself available to your clients, which I know is a priority with you, so that detracts from being focused.
    If you could turn off email and messaging for an hour or hour and a half each day and get the BIG things done, that might feel really good. Maybe this could be a new ‘to-do’ system! I do know you like trying new ones about every year ;).
    For me, I usually have 3 browsers open, my email, Twitter, HootSuite, Facebook, so I find that writing things down on my notebook or whiteboard and focusing on crossing them off works well for me. Need to get back to my list. Take care!

    • Lynn, you do know me! Right now i am sitting in the airport, responding to emails, doing a Google search and listening to CNN people talk about Lance Armstrong and Oprah…please…BUT how in the world do you turn off email and messaging….(wink, wink)

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