Toes in the Sand with Tour Guide Tina

Toes in the Sand--MalibuIt’s been a busy week of travel. I saw old friends, met new people and got to stick my toes in the sand, briefly. But the BEST thing is that Madeline went with me to California for work and a little play. 

Monday, I left early and flew to Grand Rapids, MI. This was a last minute trip, booked the Thursday before, to meet with a potential new client. The company is actually in Grand Harbor, MI which is on Lake Michigan. I stayed, courtesy of the client, in a nice bed and breakfast on the lake. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold (in the 20s) so no “toes in the sand” for that trip. The meeting was fabulous.

I flew back Tuesday evening. Wednesday was spent in Dallas meeting with Mac Pier who is the founder of New York City Leadership Center. He’s in town for the A Prayer 4 City Dallas prayer event that is on Sunday evening (at 6 pm at Park Cities Baptist for anyone that wants to join).  I am so excited about working with Mac and the team at NYCLC. (

Thursday morning, Madeline and I were up at 4:30AM headed to DFW airport for a flight to LAX. My client, Roxanne Packham with, brought us to California to join their mother/daughter retreat weekend in Camarillo. Madeline and I went in a day early so she could visit Biola University.  That may have been a mistake because she really liked the school.

Friday, we enjoyed Malibu on our drive to Camarillo. The day was gorgeous, the beach was beautiful and we stuck our toes in the freezing Pacific Ocean. The mother/daughter retreat was FUN. It was great to see Sheri Rose Shepard (main speaker), spend time with Roxanne and her daughter, Hannah, and see how God is working in so many women’s lives. A bonus, we had some free time so we saw Mike and Nancy (Terry’s brother and his wife) in Santa Barbara…and got to stick our toes in the sand there too.  I can see why they love living there.

Madeline observe me as I worked this weekend. While she has been on business trips with me before, in her own words, she “hasn’t really understood or paid attention before.” Here is what she said: “You are a ‘tour guide’ for your clients.” I love it and she is exactly right…we help our clients reach a “destination” by guiding them and connecting them along the way.

Madeline has been working with us this year. This trip helped her to understand how the tasks she does helps us to complete projects. Sometimes it is difficult to explain what we do, even to our clients! In a nutshell, we come alongside a client, help develop their messaging and communications, connect them to other people, ministries and organizations and create a strategy to communicate their message to the public. This can include traditional media (radio, TV, print and online) through interviews or mentions in articles. It incorporates developing and managing their social media channels.

So like a tour guide, we plan their “trips” and we make sure they make their “connections” and once they reach their “destinations” we help determine the next place to visit. And hopefully, for us, we get to stick our toes in the sand along the way.


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