Simply Simplify!


This is the second post from Taylor on his adventure in the northwest…still teaching his mom and thing are two:

Simplify…When I think of the outdoors, I think of this term. And recently, this term has taken on a whole new meaning for me. People tend to think that being outside in nature, away from noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life simplifies their lives. But the more that I’ve been here the less simplified and more complicated life has felt. I don’t have my computer, or school work to do, or anywhere to be at any certain time – it’s just that my distractions and my struggles have changed. It’s no longer Facebook, or work; it’s “how do I plan out my next week of meals?” Or “how do I reach these climbers?” What’s worse is that there is nowhere to hide out here. I’m sharing a tent with 2 other guys and have no place to go for comfort or privacy. You’re true colors show fast in these environments and it doesn’t take long for your sin nature to reveal itself through your actions. But this is also wonderful, because it forces a change that without the current conditions, wouldn’t happen. These “personal findings” make me think that the idea of simplification is nothing more than another lie fed to us that we feast on. The more “simple” it gets, the harder it gets. And the harder it gets the more real it gets. And I feel like when you reach this point, one of two things happen. 1. You change and become more like Christ or 2. You just solidify who you were and harden your heart.

I think this is why prayer is incredibly powerful. Because when it comes to these crossroads, it seems to be less of a choice and more of a reaction. And there’s something to be said about a broken and a contrite heart kneeling and easing before The Lord. Without prayer we are walking around aimlessly without vision and hope of change. Prayer is our rest in all times; our place of peace and our place of simplification. Simplification is a place shared with rest and peace and only achieved when focused on God and the redeeming Love of Christ.

 A few things that I want to see happen in the future of our trip are:

 1. I want to see relationships built and solidified in love.
2. I want a personal focus and dependence upon God that is monumental in comparison to the ways that I have lived so far.
3. I want to see God move in the hearts of other climbers and in our own.
4. I hope to be a tool and an instrument used by God. He doesn’t need me, but I hope and pray that I am blessed enough to be a part of what He is doing.

 I think these are good tings to pursue and I want these same things.



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