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Movement Day Greater Dallas 2015 Registration Is Now Open

Movement Day Greater Dallas 2015 Registration Is Now Open.


A Father Carries on Through Tragedy and Pain

The Barnabas Agency

Gerard_and_Rebecca_A_Legacy_of_Loveread full article from Charisma Magazine

On May 8, 2014, the impossible happened. Jeannie’s and my eldest child—our precious Rebecca— was taken from us in a tragic accident at the age of 32.

It was an unseasonably warm spring day, with temperatures in the 80s. Rebecca was out for a run along Lake Michigan, and we believe she was trying to cool off from her exertion. She slipped from a rock wall and fell into the lake. Unable to climb back up onto the rocks, she was overcome by the frigid water. Hypothermia set in, and she drowned.

When we heard the news, it crashed over us, consuming us with an indescribable pain that was both sickening and familiar. Just 9 years ago, we experienced the loss our youngest son, Alex, at the age of 17.

Surely, it can’t be true? In just a moment, another child was gone.


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take a walk in the city

It was a great time in NY with you. Mom and dad have always been an inspiration and dragging me through bike rides, hikes and walks, while i complained the entire time, was the best thing for me. they have kept me walking and moving all these years! Patricia you inspired me to download a pedometer app and yesterday i almost made 10,000 steps. I am motivated now!


Imagethis picture is my parents walking in New York City and enjoying “most” every moment. I am not allowed to tell you their ages, you will have to guess….but, i can tell you they have walked many miles over many years in many different terrains, temperatures and threads. In NYC last Sunday they walked from Times Square to Central Park, through it, to magnolia bakery(enjoyed delicious cheese cake) and then to 5th avenue and back to Times Square. And, it was a path of many detours. I’m guessing it was at least 6 miles, maybe 10. If you are familiar with that map let us know. I wish I had worn a pedometer, but trainers do take vacation…. We did stop a lot, we did rest as needed and we did take all day and we did drink water….hope New York water safe??? this day they continued on for 3…

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The best Birthdays are shared…

i look frighten on that elephant! Its been a crazy ride with @DianeMorrow for sure!

The Barnabas Agency

Best friends share many things…

stories, travel, memories, even a business…

…but these two besties also share their special day!

Happy Birthday to our two leading women, amazing mothers, and best friends- Tina Jacobson and Diane Morrow!

Here’s to the years spent together and many more to come!

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Simply Simplify!


This is the second post from Taylor on his adventure in the northwest…still teaching his mom and thing are two:

Simplify…When I think of the outdoors, I think of this term. And recently, this term has taken on a whole new meaning for me. People tend to think that being outside in nature, away from noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life simplifies their lives. Continue reading