Simply Simplify!


This is the second post from Taylor on his adventure in the northwest…still teaching his mom and thing are two:

Simplify…When I think of the outdoors, I think of this term. And recently, this term has taken on a whole new meaning for me. People tend to think that being outside in nature, away from noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life simplifies their lives. Continue reading


What is True Balance?

My son taught me something about balance the other day when he sent us his first update from his mission trip this summer.  Taylor is taking the summer off from seminary and on a mission with Rock Climbers for Christ.The last two weeks he has been in Bend, Oregon doing training and getting ready.  Now, they are headed to British Columbia (via a few days in Washington) to start the official mission.

Here’s his note: Continue reading

Emotional Tools

Emotional Tools. Gerri Scazzero is a brave woman.  She is a pastors wife and one day she Quit.  Feeling overwhelmed and realizing she was not doing the things God wanted her to do, she had enough.  she write about it in The Emotionally Healthy Woman.  She didn’t leave her husband and she is still the pastor’s wife.  Together they have created this tool to help people be and do what God intends for them.  I hope it helps you.

Toes in the Sand with Tour Guide Tina

Toes in the Sand--MalibuIt’s been a busy week of travel. I saw old friends, met new people and got to stick my toes in the sand, briefly. But the BEST thing is that Madeline went with me to California for work and a little play.  Continue reading