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What is True Balance?

My son taught me something about balance the other day when he sent us his first update from his mission trip this summer.  Taylor is taking the summer off from seminary and on a mission with Rock Climbers for Christ.The last two weeks he has been in Bend, Oregon doing training and getting ready.  Now, they are headed to British Columbia (via a few days in Washington) to start the official mission.

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True Story. What’s Yours?

True Story. What’s Yours?.

I love watching God make Lemonade even out of the tiniest things. I don’t have an earth shattering story. In fact, I created my own pit in college when I walked away from God and decided that I knew what was right in my own eyes. But God…being ever so loving and patient…drew me back to him and for thirty years I have been filled to the brim with Him.  He restored me, gave me a husband who loves Him (and me!), three children who walk with Him along with my parents and sister (and her family) that walk with Him. The Lemonade has been sweet.

Interview with Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand on getting rid of your “To-Do” list

One Success book cover

Interview with Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand on getting rid of your “To-Do” list.

This book and Fred’s insights have help me to really get a grip on my daily “to-do” list.  Hope you find it helpful.

What are the obstacles that you have overcome?


Anthony Robles

This weekend was the collegiate national wrestling championships. As I watched it briefly I was reminded of a great wrestler named Anthony Robles. I first heard about Anthony when he was in high school, he being from my home town of Mesa, AZ. He later wrestled at my Alma Mater, Arizona State University. But these aren’t the reasons I followed Anthony. I was more intrigued by the fact that he was having so much success in spite of being born with just one leg.

That’s right. For no known reason, he was born without one leg. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any kind of a stump, so there are no prosthetic legs that will work for him. From a young age he had to learn how to manage with crutches or by hopping on his left leg. Fast forward 21 years and he stands triumphantly at the center of the mat…

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